The upper crust of industrial bakery systems

Welcome to Global Bakery Solutions (GBS) Ltd. – one of the world’s premier designers and suppliers of systems and equipment for manufacturers of baked goods.

GBS boasts one of the most prestigious lineages of any company in the high-output bakery equipment industry, worldwide, with long-established roots in the design of sophisticated, intelligent industrial process systems.

Our in-house team of experts deliver state-of-the-art technical solutions, from mixing to dispatch, that are efficient, environmentally-friendly and affordable to own and maintain.

Businesses turn to GBS for our unrivalled team of design engineers and strategic technologists – experts in tailor-making turnkey systems that integrate seamlessly to meet clients’ requirements.

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If you want to deliver products of a consistently superior standard in your high-throughput bakery, read on to discover what GBS can do for your business or contact us to learn more, today.

Our aftermarket and asset care are a cut above

At GBS, we realise that our work, designing and supplying exceptional bakery equipment, represents just one half of an outstanding service.

Our systems are relied upon, day in, day out, for the successful and efficient operation of our clients' businesses. It's imperative, therefore, that our aftermarket support matches the standard of our installations, so production is never unjustly jeopardised or interrupted.

We're committed to ensuring our products deliver to the fullest for their entire lifespan. That, for us, means more than just dependable parts supply and maintenance services.

From plant and equipment inspections through to 'on-the-job' staff training, our world-leading asset care network is geared to providing fast and dynamic support that meets our clients' current and projected needs.

Our mission

To gain market leadership status by offering a full range of quality, robust and environmentally designed systems, products and service solutions that enhance the end user's offering to the market.

Here are just some of the ways that GBS can support your business:

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spare parts support
  • Equipment refurbishment
  • Servicing
  • Training
  • Equipment audits
  • Equipment relocations
  • Turkington equipment and parts supply

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